When it comes to car accidents, people usually do not think twice about hiring an attorney to represent their interests.  Almost always, the victim in a personal injury matter does not know the at-fault party who was negligent in causing the injury.  Therefore, taking legal action against the other driver seems appropriate and fair because […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law – A Broken System

There have been countless times that I have watched an injured worker suddenly have his or her temporary total disability (TTD) benefits (a.k.a. wage-replacement benefits) suspended by the workers’ compensation insurance company, even though the TTD benefits were due and owed.  Unfortunately, the laws in Georgia are in need of major reform, because they are […]

Independent Medical Examinations: What is Considered a Reasonable Place

One of my clients was just sent an IME (independent medical examination) notice to travel 313 miles one way from Kingsland, GA to Atlanta, GA for an IME with a general ophthalmologist physician. That would be a 626 round trip to attend an Employer/Insurer IME. On top of it all, my client just had surgery […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

At times, many workers can feel forgotten on the job. Ironically, once a worker is hurt, he or she can suddenly receive a lot of attention. The employer’s insurance company is often calling to try and achieve a quick settlement. Medical professionals are calling to confirm and coordinate care. Friends and family each have an […]

Georgia Logging & Tree Cutting Work Injuries: A Story Every Logger Needs To Hear

It’s early morning, deep into a tall forest in Georgia. Ted, a third generation logger is hard at work cutting down trees. This life is all Ted has ever known. His father and grandfather were loggers like him. With a very strong work ethic and a respect for those loggers who came before him, he […]

The Food, The Bad, & The Ugly

When people think of Georgia work injuries, the occupations that usually come to mind are construction, logging and other incredibly strenuous types of work. What many people don’t realize is that the restaurant industry generates an unexpectedly high number of workers’ compensation claims. According to the National Restaurant Association’s website, there are roughly 14.7 million […]

Need Help? Need Medical Care or Counseling and Your Employer or Its Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Won’t Help You?

What do you do if you or a loved one is in need of medical care or counseling, but your employer or its workers’ compensation insurer is refusing to help?  This is a problem encountered by injured workers on a daily basis.  Often times, it might take days, weeks or months to properly secure benefits […]

Returning to Work after a Work Injury: Workers’ Compensation and Benefits

Returning to work after recovering from a work injury comes with its own set of adjustment issues. If the time period of leave has been long, there might be significant changes in the workplace in terms of working style and management. Even your job responsibilities might have changed.  Your physical capabilities might have changed, and […]