Surveillance & Social Media: Their Effect on Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation fraud costs an estimated $7.2 billion a year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.  Therefore, insurance companies look for ways to prevent workers’ compensation fraud. Insurance companies have two powerful tools in their arsenal to fight insurance fraud – Surveillance and Social Media. Surveillance Insurance companies regularly hire private investigators to sit […]

Changes in Workers’ Compensation Law Hurt Georgia Workers.

In 2013, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws were amended and it was not good for injured workers! As a result of the 2013 amendments in the law, injured workers in Georgia lost significant benefits. The most significant change was that medical benefits, which were previously provided for an injured worker’s lifetime, were capped at 400 weeks for non-catastrophic injuries. […]

Five Mistakes Workers Make After Being Injured

Every day in Georgia, dozens of injured workers end up with little to no compensation, because they simply do not understand the workers’ compensation system. These people worked hard, had their lives turned upside down and they walked away with nothing because they made serious mistakes after being injured. Disturbingly, many of those workers would […]

A Guide to Avoiding Injuries at Work

Workplace injuries are a danger that every employer and employee needs to take seriously. If that’s done, workers’ compensation cases can be kept to a minimum. Getting hurt on the job is a far more common experience than many people realize. Nearly three million Americans (2.9 million to be exact) suffered a nonfatal injury at […]

Big Win for Injured Employees in Florida!

Injured workers in Florida will now have more attorneys willing to help them with their workers’ compensation claims.  The Supreme Court of Florida struck down the restrictive laws relating to attorney fees in workers’ compensation claims.  Attorneys who represent injured workers in Florida will now be able to recover reasonable attorney fees.  This is good for […]

Why Workers’ Compensation Law Exists

The reason workers’ compensation law exists is because our policy makers recognized that Georgia needs to be a State which is friendly to workers.  A robust economy is driven by having a stable workforce. Our state legislators recognized that we needed a system which helps people return to employment following an injury – that is […]