Georgia’s Top 6 Injury-Prone Jobs

Georgia’s Top 6 Injury-Prone Jobs

Accidents happen, but in what jobs do accidents happen the most often? Though recent studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show Georgia’s work-related injuries going down, some occupations still present a very real risk of injury for those choosing a career in that field. By using the some of the most recent data available, we compiled our list of the top six most injury prone jobs. Keep in mind this list does not comprise law enforcement or other public safety careers and does not account for fatalities, just injuries. Whether you’re a worker in Savannah, Brunswick, Valdosta or anywhere across our state, this list is worth reviewing.

1. Couriers and Messengers- 8.4 injuries per 100 workers

Coming in at the top of our list are couriers and messengers. This may come as a surprise to some, but a job that entails transporting packages, documents, messages, etc. from one business to another leaves its employees at a much higher risk of falling victim to automobile accidents. Aside from that, the strenuous work that comes with frequently having to pick up and deliver heavy packages has many employees finding themselves battling chronic back pain when they aren’t busy worrying about distracted drivers.

2. Office Furniture/Fixture Manufacturing- 7.7 injuries per 100 workers

Manufacturing office furniture can’t be that risky of a job, right? If you thought that, then you’re in for a surprise as this occupation comes in at number two for Georgia’s most risky jobs. Between operating heavy machinery, working long hours with minimal or no breaks, and being exposed to different elements necessary for the production of office equipment, employees are finding themselves battling injuries at a much higher rate than your average profession. The sad irony is that an insurance agency executive could be denying a claim of an injured worker while sitting at a desk that the injured worker built. That’s infuriating!

3. Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing- 7.4 injuries per 100 workers

Office furniture isn’t the only product that comes with a high risk of injury when being manufactured. Producing the metals necessary for construction businesses to complete their jobs comes at a risk, as well. Being a part of a manufacturing team means working fast paced shifts with hazardous materials constantly being handled. Combine that with sometimes negligent employers who do not go over the correct safety precautions with their employees, and you can have a recipe for disaster.

4. Textile and Fabric Finishing- 7.3 injuries per 100 workers

Textile mills are often synonymous with hard work, but the strenuous tasks required by the job aren’t the profession’s only concern. Though workers need to be mindful of similar work related injuries discussed in the previous jobs listed, textile mills bring with them their own hazards. Employees are exposed to different chemicals and dangerous materials, with past asbestos exposure being just one major area for concern. Handling asbestos, a heat-resistant mineral woven in fabrics, can lead to the development of asbestos disease as well as other malignant health complications. Some of these complications include laryngeal cancer, clubbed fingers, and ovarian cancer.

5. Wood Product Manufacturing- 6 injuries per 100 workers

You may have begun to notice a trend in our list. Manufacturing jobs rank in the top percentile of industry related injuries, and wood manufacturing is no exception to the rule. Just like in the previous manufacturing occupations mentioned, wood product manufacturing comes with risks due to its fast-paced work environment and the materials employees are required to handle.

6. Crop Production- 5.9 injuries per 100 workers

Crop production may come in at number six on our hazardous jobs list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any more safe than the previous five. In fact, crop production has been known to produce a scary number of fatal accidents alongside non-fatal injuries. Even worse, family members who sometimes live where the crop production takes place are subjected to the hazards of the job. Workers can be subjected to hearing loss, musculoskeletal disorders, pulmonary disease, and pesticide exposure, as well as typical work-related injuries such as sprains and falls.

What You Need To Know

If you find yourself working in one of these professions listed it is important you remain cautious and aware of the possible injuries you could face. More importantly, if you do find yourself hurt from an on-the-job incident, you need to make sure you are correctly filing your injury compensation report and finding the legal representation you need. Luckily, I’m here, every day, dedicated to helping injured workers and standing by their side. If you’ve been injured on the job, call us at (912) 551-8000 and get on your way to receiving the compensation you deserve.