The Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

At times, many workers can feel forgotten on the job. Ironically, once a worker is hurt, he or she can suddenly receive a lot of attention. The employer’s insurance company is often calling to try and achieve a quick settlement. Medical professionals are calling to confirm and coordinate care. Friends and family each have an opinion and advice on what to do next. It can be overwhelming and it’s tough to know to whom you should be listening.


In the vast majority of circumstances, the best person to rely upon to obtain the best possible outcome for your work injury is an experienced, hardworking workers’ compensation attorney. Here’s why bringing on a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney could be essential if you hope to receive true justice for the injury you’ve suffered.


Your Interests Are Put First

The first question you should ask yourself when dealing with anyone regarding making things right for your injury is who has your best interest in mind. Your employer might care about you, but remember, it will be their insurance company who is cutting the check. The less the insurance company pays out to injured workers, the more they get to keep for themselves. So it’s in their best interest to offer you nothing or less than you could otherwise receive. Friends and family of course have your best interest in mind, but the laws are complicated and ever-changing. Good intentions often don’t translate into good advice. An attorney, working on your behalf, represents the best of both worlds. You receive knowledgeable advice from someone who knows what cases can be worth. And, at least at The Law Office of Susan Mager, we genuinely care about our clients, their wellbeing and their future. Our allegiance is only to you.


Details Matter

It can be the smallest detail in your case or in the law that can have major ramifications in your case. At the Law Office of Susan Mager, we see first hand how the legal details of a case are critically important. Sadly, workers who try and represent themselves or simply take the first offer an insurance company puts out, don’t realize what they could be receiving with the right representation. When you choose a workers’ compensation attorney who takes the time to listen and truly understand the details of your case, and is familiar with even the smallest details of Georgia workers’ comp law, you put yourself in a much better position to benefit financially.


Taking Action

At the end of the day, results matter. Many would argue that results are all that matters. History in this area proves that workers who seek the help of an attorney receive a larger settlements and win more at trials than if they don’t hire an attorney. At The Law Office of Susan Mager, this area of the law is our only focus. We know when to strike and when to be patient. We have a track record of success and are proud of the large verdicts and settlements we’ve been able to obtain. When we’ve been able to secure the best possible result for an injured worker and his or her family, there’s no greater reward in the world.


Why Georgia Workers Trust The Law Office of Susan Mager

Hopefully, we’ve made it clear why you need an attorney. Now the only question is the firm to choose. If you’re looking for a firm that is passionate about injured workers, fights hard, works late and has earned a reputation in Georgia for the results we’ve earned for clients, please call our office. You’ve been hurt and your future is at stake. It’s time we join forces. Let’s bring it!