Our law practice is devoted to Georgia workers’ compensation law. We represent people who have been injured at work. We do not represent employers or insurance companies. We understand that no one intends to be injured on the job, but injuries do happen. If you or a loved one sustained an injury on the job, we have the expertise and knowledge to assist you with every aspect of a workers’ compensation claim.

We understand that a work injury might affect your ability to perform your job, your wages, your health, your happiness, and other aspects of your life. Serving others and representing people in difficult times is a responsibility we take very seriously. With our help, you will understand what your legal rights and responsibilities are under the law, so you can make informed decisions. We will help you achieve your goals related to your workers’ compensation claim.

Our firm was founded by Susan Mager, an attorney who has dedicated her professional career to assisting people who have suffered some type of an injury sustained on the job. Susan has represented every type of worker. This includes construction workers, truck drivers, medical personnel, restaurant workers, loggers, welders, people who work in factories, plants and warehouses, and the like. Susan and her team have the expertise and knowledge to represent you or a loved one in a workers’ compensation claim. You can read more about Susan’s story here.


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